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Aluminum alloy doors and windows punching what pneumatic punch? How precision precision punch?

Aluminum alloy doors and windows using pneumatic punching In the actual stamping process of production, if only high-precision continuous mode, but no high-quality pneumatic punching with high-quality stamping materials, is not truly high-precision stamping processing production iron Marking Machines. The high-quality pneumatic punch external performance is high stiffness and high precision, especially high-precision is a direct impact on the quality of stamping products and mold life. Such as the general accuracy of the pneumatic punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that produce mold chipping, and in the section of precision presses in more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. Co-section of the precision punch is how to ensure the accuracy of the pneumatic punch it?

The so-called pneumatic precision punch accuracy is the relationship between the pneumatic punch and die with the process of the correct relationship between the movement, precision pneumatic precision punch is reflected in three aspects: First, the parallelism of the press, the second is the vertical punch Angle Marking machine, three punch The total gap, if the accuracy of the punch can not reach the standard, not only will reduce the precision of the stamping products, shorten the service life of continuous mode boring machine price, it will lead to continuous mold installation difficult, can not use more sophisticated mold, and the actual stamping production Will produce a lot of noise.

Co-section of precision punching aluminum doors and windows in the stamping has a wealth of experience, the accuracy of the punch test is particularly stringent, the current main test items include five items: 1, pneumatic punch table surface and slide the true value of the lower surface. 2. The parallelism between the lower surface of the slider and the upper surface of the table 3, punch slider up and down reciprocating motion and the top surface of the vertical. 4, punch mold handle hole with the slider under the surface of the angle. 5, the press link between the Ministry of the total gap between the upper and lower. Select aluminum alloy doors and windows punching machine must choose a high-precision presses punch manufacturers, this stamping the product of high quality, defective products less, can save labor costs and raw material costs.

Steel column in the press will need to use anti-rust care

Steel column in the press will need to use anti-rust care, so as not to rust angle punch. Human hand sweat, sweat and salt, it is easy to rust the metal products. Even with a chrome-plated cylindrical gauge, anti-rust strong, still can not be ignored rust. 4, to promote the inverted Cylindrical gusset collection, high heels, best head, punch upright Place a very important bottom of the cylinder gauge to prevent dust and abrasion or damage, so the fuzzy upside down and safer. But the case of lie, in addition to a space other than the cylindrical gauge trade also broke out, collision, scratch scratch accident.

In order to prevent damage to the cylinder gauge or roller CNC machine, the best way is to use stored buffering or wood protection measures. Punch special circumstances, you can use the features, but if there is no wooden box, punch recommended on the mat or wood floor area, punch and then use the bubble bag or buffer coating will be relatively peaceful. Note: Pneumatic consumption per minute atmosphere (1) refers to the air consumption of the clutch intermittent operation. (2) In order to ensure the safety of punching and punching, the punch press is equipped with pressure relay drill machine buy online. When the pressure is lower than 0.4, the punch can not start.

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