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The daily maintenance of wire and cable

1. To ensure the construction quality, in particular the production of cable head quality must be strictly in line with the requirements. 2. Cable trench to keep dry, to prevent the cable damp, resulting in insulation decline stainless steel fabrication, causing short-circuit. 3. Regular cleaning of the dust on the wire and cable, to prevent spontaneous combustion of dust caused by the cable on fire. 4. To strengthen the wire and cable circuit protection and periodic inspection and maintenance, to ensure its reliable action. 5. Strengthen the wire and cable operation and monitoring, to avoid overload operation. 6. On-time wire and cable testing and found that should be handled in a timely manner is not normal.

7, rain, such as power outages should be immediately cut off the power, the electrician to check the reasons machine cnc, and send someone to care. Maintenance of cable equipment 8. Cable laying to keep enough distance with the heat pipe, control cable is not less than 0.5 meters; power cable is not less than l meters. Control cables and power cables should be divided into troughs, layered and arranged separately cnc busbar machine, can not be placed between layers. For non-compliance with the provisions of the site, the cable should take fire-retardant, heat insulation measures. Tips: to extend the use of wire and cable period, it is necessary to rely on the excellent quality of the cable itself, but also rely on the daily maintenance of the cable in a timely manner plate bevelling machine, so as to create a safe and comfortable living environment.