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IPM pneumatic punch is your most professional ideal choice

Shenzhen IPM pneumatic punch is your most professional ideal choice Shenzhen IPM Co., Ltd. since its inception, has always been committed to the pneumatic punch product development and research. To first-class product quality and innovation of the leading technology, the whole worry-free service, by the user’s praise. Shenzhen IPM punch factory production of pneumatic punch is widely used in aviation, automotive, electrical, hardware, electrical, bearings and other production areas drilling metal, and in accordance with the requirements of users design a variety of pneumatic presses.The company has always followed the quality first, the principle of the supremacy of users, for customers on the products and the use of the problem, the company obligations to provide advisory services drill machine buy online. Welcome to my company to visit customers beam fabrication, service vehicles responsible for the shuttle, give us a phone call, but also you a surprise! Shenzhen IPM punch is your most professional ideal choice! IPM punch factory in Shenzhen specializing in the production of pneumatic punch Web site: welcome you!

IPM – pneumatic punch small secret Pneumatic punch

Shenzhen IPM – pneumatic punch small secret Pneumatic punch is divided into upper and lower die drilling machine online purchase, pneumatic punch on the mold is the upper part of the entire sub-die, that is installed in the press slide on the punch part. The upper die seat is the uppermost plate-like part of the upper die. The workpiece is pressed against the press slide and fixed by the mold handle or directly with the press slide. The lower die is the lower half of the entire sub-die, that is, the die part mounted on the press worktable cnc drilling machine.

The lower mold seat is the bottom part of the lower mold plate parts, working directly in the press work table or pad. The blade wall is a side wall for punching the edge of the die hole. The edge slope is the slope of each side of the punch die wall. Air cushion is compressed air as the driving force of the top bomb. Refer to the ‘Top Bouncer’. The backside clamp is a part that supports the one-way force punch from the other side of the working face drilling equipments.

electronic control to prevent the second punch Steel Punching

IPM – the first brand punch, leading technology Shenzhen IPM Press Factory is specialized in producing pneumatic punch, precision punching machine, gantry punch manufacturers, according to customer requirements design throat depth, is the largest in Guangdong punch manufacturing and sales enterprises. Major customers of praise. The use of the most advanced casting technology, the whole structure is stable; system micro-electronic control to prevent the second punch Steel Punching, double protection; micro-control punching intensity, machine damage to the minimum aluminum; double-acting single-pressure air clutch sheet metal punch, safe and low noise ; Slider with six-oriented, and enhance the service life of the mold Beam Drilling Machine. Punch the first brand – IPM, leading technology. Welcome to inquire:

the mold punch out laser cutting robot arm

Shenzhen punch manufacturers, co-forging press Punching press is a punching press in the national production, the stamping process because the traditional mechanical processing for saving data and power punching metal, high efficiency, the operator’s skill requirements and after all kinds of mold can be used to make mechanical processing Can not reach the product of these strengths, so its usefulness more and more common. Stamping production is mainly for the plate. Can be over the mold, can do blanking, punching, forming, drawing, finishing, fine blanking, plastic angle shearing, riveting and extrusion parts, etc., are widely used in various fields. If we use the switches and sockets, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer cases, and even missiles aircraft have a lot of accessories can be produced through the mold punch out laser cutting robot arm. For more press information please click on contact us.

Punching die is installed in the press for the production of punching process equipment

punch products you know? Punching die is installed in the press for the production of punching process equipment, by the interaction of the upper and lower parts Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate. Punch is the punch from the punch directly formed by the role of convex-shaped working parts drill machine for steel, that is, the work surface to the shape of the parts. Die is the punch from the punch directly formed by the role of the concave part of the work, that is, the shape of the work surface for the parts. A protective plate is a plate-like part that prevents the finger or foreign object from entering the dangerous area of ​​the die. Compression plate is used in the stamping die for pressing materials or process parts to control the flow of material parts, drawing die, the majority of pressure plate called the binder circle. Binder is drawing die or drawing die to control the flow of materials to control the rib-shaped protrusions, the binder can be concave die or billet of the local structure, can also be set in the die or pressure circle Individual parts. The pressure sill is a section of the rectangle of the special binder. See ‘Binder’. The bearing plate is used to connect the long die on the plane, supporting the stamping material plate parts. A continuous die is a die having two or more stations, and the material is fed one station at a time along the stroke of the press so that the punch is gradually formed.

The punching plate is a plate-like member for fixing the punch. Fixed discharge plate is fixed in the die position on the unloading plate tube drilling machine. The fixed stop pin is a retaining pin that is fixed in the mold. The unloader is a non-plate-like part or device that releases the workpiece from the outer surface of the punch. A stripper plate is a fixed or movable plate-shaped part that releases material or workpieces from a punch. Unloading plate is sometimes made with the guide plate integrated, and from the role of lead material, still known as the discharge plate. A discharge screw is a screw that is fixed to the relief stripper plate and serves to limit the rest position of the discharge stripper plate. Punch single-mode die is in the press only one stroke to complete a process dies. Stopper pins are used to position the material at the beginning of the material. Before the block with the material are mobile.

Precision equipment load noise really annoying

Precision equipment load noise really annoying The causes of load operation noise are caused by tool and workpiece or stripper plate and blank impact, stamping process of twisting and punching. One punch stamping process of punching and torsional noise is the biggest noise hydraulic hole punch machine. 1. Punching shear noise. Stamping process different, very different noise. Sheet blanking than bending, deep drawing noise. The punch press, pressure wave angle iron shear, flanging, bending, drawing and other forming process noise is small. 2. Punch noise.

Torsional noise of the same type of punch press parts with the thickness, hardness, geometry, hammering speed, die clearance and other factors, the noise increases with these increases. Punch work, the punch and the plate and the discharge plate and blank impact impact greatly enhanced, with the impact of the impact speed also increased. The collision noise of the punch and the subsequent fracture sound of the material can be measured separately, and this measurement method has been implemented punching machine for Head. In the same punch, punching thick, hard material than the punching thin, soft material noise. For thick ductile sheets, the impact noise is the same as the fracture sound.

The use of precision punch machine in the process will have the waste how to do it

Precision machinery and equipment used in the process of how the waste will have to do it Precision machinery and equipment in the process of waste will be how to do it Precision punching press because of its high precision structural fabrication, high utilization of materials angle iron drill, high production efficiency, easy to automate, the manufacturing industry to use the most punching equipment. Precision punch mainly by the upper and lower mold base and installed in the upper and lower mold base of the mold structure, the upper and lower die seat connected through the guide column, the upper and lower blocks along the column by moving up and down to achieve stamping and mold. But the actual use of precision presses, as the material stamping deformation, there will be debris generated, will affect the next process – forming the quality of stamping, to the next process to bring unnecessary trouble, will also affect the final product Surface accuracy and mold life, reduce material utilization. The air blowing device can effectively clean the punch mold, the structure is simple, the efficiency is high, and the surface precision of the finished product can be improved effectively.

The precision air injection device consists of two air pipes, which are installed on the lower surface of the upper mold base and on both sides of the mold on the upper mold base. The gas pipe has a jet section which is arranged along the front and back direction of the upper mold seat of the punching machine and is provided with a plurality of gas pipes downwardly on the jet section hydraulic punching machine, the upper end of the gas pipe is communicated with the gas jet section of the gas transmission pipe, And a nozzle is arranged at the lower end of the jet pipe, and the air nozzle is inclined in the direction of the mold bore of the lower mold.

Precision punch air blow device in the process of moving the material to the surface of the material blowing; out of the material can be carried out after the mold chamber hair; this mold can better die and the surface of the material to be cleaned in order to achieve The mold cavity and the surface of the waste material to remove, thereby improving the quality of finished products stamping and surface accuracy. In order to make the air blown better, the angle of the jet nozzles at the lower ends of the two adjacent nozzles of the precision punch presses are different, so that the mold cavity of the die holder on the die punch of the punch press can be blown at many angles, so as to further ensure the stamping of the finished products. Forming accuracy, mention the finished product quality.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows punching what pneumatic punch? How precision precision punch?

Aluminum alloy doors and windows using pneumatic punching In the actual stamping process of production, if only high-precision continuous mode, but no high-quality pneumatic punching with high-quality stamping materials, is not truly high-precision stamping processing production iron Marking Machines. The high-quality pneumatic punch external performance is high stiffness and high precision, especially high-precision is a direct impact on the quality of stamping products and mold life. Such as the general accuracy of the pneumatic punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that produce mold chipping, and in the section of precision presses in more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. Co-section of the precision punch is how to ensure the accuracy of the pneumatic punch it?

The so-called pneumatic precision punch accuracy is the relationship between the pneumatic punch and die with the process of the correct relationship between the movement, precision pneumatic precision punch is reflected in three aspects: First, the parallelism of the press, the second is the vertical punch Angle Marking machine, three punch The total gap, if the accuracy of the punch can not reach the standard, not only will reduce the precision of the stamping products, shorten the service life of continuous mode boring machine price, it will lead to continuous mold installation difficult, can not use more sophisticated mold, and the actual stamping production Will produce a lot of noise.

Co-section of precision punching aluminum doors and windows in the stamping has a wealth of experience, the accuracy of the punch test is particularly stringent, the current main test items include five items: 1, pneumatic punch table surface and slide the true value of the lower surface. 2. The parallelism between the lower surface of the slider and the upper surface of the table 3, punch slider up and down reciprocating motion and the top surface of the vertical. 4, punch mold handle hole with the slider under the surface of the angle. 5, the press link between the Ministry of the total gap between the upper and lower. Select aluminum alloy doors and windows punching machine must choose a high-precision presses punch manufacturers, this stamping the product of high quality, defective products less, can save labor costs and raw material costs.

Steel column in the press will need to use anti-rust care

Steel column in the press will need to use anti-rust care, so as not to rust angle punch. Human hand sweat, sweat and salt, it is easy to rust the metal products. Even with a chrome-plated cylindrical gauge, anti-rust strong, still can not be ignored rust. 4, to promote the inverted Cylindrical gusset collection, high heels, best head, punch upright Place a very important bottom of the cylinder gauge to prevent dust and abrasion or damage, so the fuzzy upside down and safer. But the case of lie, in addition to a space other than the cylindrical gauge trade also broke out, collision, scratch scratch accident.

In order to prevent damage to the cylinder gauge or roller CNC machine, the best way is to use stored buffering or wood protection measures. Punch special circumstances, you can use the features, but if there is no wooden box, punch recommended on the mat or wood floor area, punch and then use the bubble bag or buffer coating will be relatively peaceful. Note: Pneumatic consumption per minute atmosphere (1) refers to the air consumption of the clutch intermittent operation. (2) In order to ensure the safety of punching and punching, the punch press is equipped with pressure relay drill machine buy online. When the pressure is lower than 0.4, the punch can not start.

Punch machine is mainly used for stamping large-scale construction

Punch is mainly used for large-scale construction of stamping, hard punch production achievements can be 5-9 times, is the new stamping should be arranged in the stamping production of a large number of buildings. As the German on the mattress listens to and continues to promote the construction industry, stamping the delivery of fraudulent punch presses continues to be destined to a strong trend, as many stamping owners get the foreplay of the all extinction punch field and then must be replaced with presses, But little is known about it, so Kim Chi-Tak lathe on-board press security knowledge to restore, to lift customers better procurement.

See the subject, what punch
A: The division and classification steps single point, double-point stability punch, open, adapt, and punch classification as long as two categories: one is the punch three round guide column; the second is closed to the gantry of the punch from the two ways there, A maximum discount Liu Shi Road is not at the same time within the teeth, three circular column in the high-speed type of semi-closed traps, dead more innocent, but the gantry punch is fully enclosed structure, strong rigidity, impact resistance and better of. The price of three punch column is cheaper, more simple mold, and closed the gantry of the punch processing efficiency, the comfort of the higher treatment.

Comparison of two punch

Frequently Asked Questions II, punching high-speed stamping material thickness range

A: Who would say high-speed punching speed punch Heavy plate for raw materials, high-speed stamping speed punch commonly used 25-45 emergency apply to the following 1.6 raw materials; high-speed punching punch 60-80 commonly used in the following 3.5 materials.

Frequently Asked Questions 3, high speed 0 How to ensure that travel

A: Comparison of mechanical punching, punching there are more varieties of the road can be raised, highlighting the 5-6 travel, how to choose the right travel to become part of the fault, the main original punch travel options even obey the stamping process beliefs, common bond product installation The way, punch travel is also active, natural and general intelligence and fixed, ie large trips have been rushed to the high 2-3 times

Punch body fuselage stiffness is the guarantee of punching precision, decisive and small noise source, the current format of the flow of punch manufacturers to accept the creation of compact as the overall stiffness and damping, the basic wage, but the technology is assembled. In order to fundamentally.

Handling punching rigidity, installation engineering, the new 5757 punch press frame selection structure, the body of the seat, seat, gravel and pedestal on the street assembly structure, complete modular forging speed punch, complete rigidity, light weight , Or good, according to the inferior components. In the production process, the first punch head seat, from the casting molding seat and the foot of the three modules, and then installed in the punch head cavity cavity a punch press assembly transfer, and then the base thread pile through the head seat Chairs, seats and feet, the end of the punch bolt in the bottom of the pre-tensioned fixed, the punch head seat, seat and foot fastening, just understand the compilation work.

In the production process, the first punch head seat, from the casting molding seat and the foot of the three modules, and then installed in the punch head cavity cavity a punch press assembly transfer, and then the base thread pile through the head seat Chairs, seats and feet, the end of the punch bolt in the bottom of the pre-tensioned fixed, the punch head seat, seat and foot fastening, just understand the compilation work. Punch head, seat and foot mode structure, modular punching forging speed, high production results; rectangular structure, punch structure carefully, mass production, small footprint; base studs, one-time hand in the first seat, , And to continue with the punch head, seat and foot all the fastening, rigidity, and assembly efficiency; hollow structure, the weight of light punch rescue column, and the head and foot Liu caused by double gantry structure, support force, really a 684671 Sheng Ping; punch inside the structure of the opening, further to the punch weight, reduce costs, this is a cool, firm, mass production of the fuselage structure heir.

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