Effect of Machine Precision on Machining

A CNC machine tools and the performance of good or bad and NC function can play a direct impact on the normal use of machine tools. The high-precision CNC machine tools ultimately depends on the accuracy of the machine itself to ensure its accuracy, including geometric accuracy and cutting accuracy.
Therefore, the accuracy of CNC machine tools on the initial inspection of the use of CNC machine tools and maintenance of machine tools after the restoration of technical indicators is very important. Accuracy detection includes CNC machine tool geometric accuracy, positioning accuracy and cutting accuracy detection.
The following machine tool error, machine tool analysis of the accuracy test summary, so that we better understand the accuracy of the machine will produce what the impact of processing.
Geometric error of machine tools

Processing of the tool relative to the workpiece forming movement is generally completed by the machine, therefore, the workpiece machining accuracy depends largely on the accuracy of the machine.
Machine tool manufacturing errors on the accuracy of the workpiece have a greater impact: spindle error, rail error and drive chain error. Machine tool wear will reduce the accuracy of machine work.
(1) spindle rotation error, the machine tool spindle is the basis of clamping the workpiece or tool, and the movement and power to the workpiece or tool, the spindle rotation error will directly affect the accuracy of the workpiece being machined.
(2) rail error, the guide is to determine the relative position of the machine tool components on the benchmark, is the benchmark for machine tool movement. In addition to manufacturing errors of the rail itself, the uneven wear and installation of rail quality, but also to create an important factor in rail error.
The wear of guide rail is one of the main reasons for the decrease of machine precision.
(3) transmission chain error, transmission chain error is the beginning and end of the transmission chain between the components of the relative motion error. Generally used to measure the end of the transmission chain component angle error.

Such as when the accuracy of the machine parts processing requirements, often not blindly improve the accuracy of the machine, but from the process or on the fixture to find ways to create conditions that make the machine tool geometry error does not affect the transfer to the processing precision.
Such as grinding the spindle taper hole to ensure its coaxiality and journal, not by the rotation accuracy of the machine tool spindle to ensure, but by the fixture to ensure. When the machine tool spindle and the workpiece with a floating connection between the machine spindle after the original error was transferred out.

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