IPM – pneumatic punch small secret Pneumatic punch

Shenzhen IPM – pneumatic punch small secret Pneumatic punch is divided into upper and lower die drilling machine online purchase, pneumatic punch on the mold is the upper part of the entire sub-die, that is installed in the press slide on the punch part. The upper die seat is the uppermost plate-like part of the upper die. The workpiece is pressed against the press slide and fixed by the mold handle or directly with the press slide. The lower die is the lower half of the entire sub-die, that is, the die part mounted on the press worktable cnc drilling machine.

The lower mold seat is the bottom part of the lower mold plate parts, working directly in the press work table or pad. The blade wall is a side wall for punching the edge of the die hole. The edge slope is the slope of each side of the punch die wall. Air cushion is compressed air as the driving force of the top bomb. Refer to the ‘Top Bouncer’. The backside clamp is a part that supports the one-way force punch from the other side of the working face drilling equipments.

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