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IPM company mainly engaged in drilling, steel structure processing equipment, presses and other large forging machine tool research and development, for your dedicated service!
Machine tools, mainly for processing methods and tools for classification, according to the national machine tool type preparation method, the machine is divided into 11 categories:
Lathes, drilling machine, boring machine, grinding machine, gear machine, screw machine, milling machine, planer, slotting machine, broaching machine, sawing machine.
In each machine, and according to the process, layout patterns and structural properties are divided into several groups, each group is divided into several series (series).
In addition to the above basic classification methods, there are other classification methods: According to the degree of versatility, the machine can be divided into:
1. General Machine Tool: This machine tool technology range is very wide, you can have a certain size parts within the scope of dealing with a variety of types, complete a variety of processes. For example, horizontal lathe, universal milling machine, universal cylindrical grinding machine.
2. Specialized machine tools: This machine process range is narrow, can only be used to deal with a different size or one (or several) specific treatment of several parts. Such as screw lathe, camshaft lathe and so on.

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