Safety performance of press machines and protective devices

Fine punch brake method for the pneumatic distribution brake, a serious stamping force from the LiMaDa instigated flywheel, flywheel driven crankshaft and momentum, so the punch manufacturers, in reality before the process, quiet, white air is to ensure precision punch function stable Of the basic location.

In the actual placement process, the beginning of occlusion of the air supply of the atmosphere stop valve, the press of the air pipe and the air supply pipe connected, and then need 0.5-0.7MPa of contraction of air, especially alert punch air pipe must be from Press the back of the connection line, the air pressure to 5kg / c ㎡. However, the isolation from the air source to the installation site must be within 5 meters. After the connection has been completed, first of all, try to output the air, search part of the pipe there is no dust and sewage water retention, this does not despise, unclean, stagnant air will form a solenoid valve mistakenly see, the cylinder rust, Easy to stimulate punching tranquility. Then, switch the main valve installed in the air connection hole air inlet.

Punch the use of human safety in the process of care, the use of hand-safe appliances may be designed to prevent the wolf and the construction of sudden accidents caused by stifling.

More common security tools: flexible clamp, special clamp, magnetic sucker, tweezers, pliers, hooks and so on. Protective measures for the mold include the provision of protective plates (hoods) at the edges of the molds and the creation of mold structures. Such as cutting the mold emergency area, exaggerating the safety space; set the rigid material installation, without affecting the strength of the mold and product quality under the premise of the fact that the manual feeding of a single process die to improve safety. In the punch equipment and molds to set up security protection devices or select the task intensity is small, easy to use clever hand tools, punching is also under the conditions of the end of stamping operations security effective measures. Such as the use of hand tools, mold protective cover, mechanical access devices, two-button switch, mechanical handle, push hands and hand device, photoelectric active protection devices. Stamping equipment, more protective devices, according to the structure is divided into mechanical, push-button, photoelectric, feeling and so on.
Mechanical precision punch protection device structure is simple, easy to create, but the punch on the job interference, the operator is not hobby use, application competition. Photoelectric device is a set of photoelectric switches and mechanical devices combined, when the operator’s hand to participate in the mold area, the beam hit the wall, the issue of electrical signs.

In the stamping equipment, safe disposal, first of all should agree to equipment protection and care system, so that equipment and safety devices on schedule for love. Before operation, check the operation of the equipment, safety devices, electrical appliances and the main pressing fasteners, etc., to observe whether the operation is normal, the equipment is “sick” operation.

In the production process of the stamping operation, it is necessary to strengthen the production placement, arrange the tasks, make reasonable production schedule and limit day according to the product structure and production scope, and ensure the balance and orderly production to avoid accidents caused by overtime.

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