that has been stored in the control memory can be edited by moving the cursor

on most

con trols) Macro pro grams are en machine bending tered and/or ed ited by spe cial ed it ing units

Editing Units

A macro that has been stored in the control memory can be edited by moving the cursor to any

busbar saw Machine

ed it ing unit that starts with the fol low ing char ac ter or sym machine bending bol:


Address (alpha character of a word, for example X, Y, Z)


Number symbol # at the left side of the = sign


First character of IF, WHILE, GOTO, END, DO, POPEN,



Symbols /, (, =, and ;

Program Comments

In a pro gram, com ments, mes sages and alarm in di ca tors aimed at the ma chine op er a tor, are

placed within the body of the pro gram, us ing pa ren the ses (not brack ets) For ex am ple, a mes sage

to the op er a tor used with the mis cel la neous func tion M00 may read:


An ex am ple of a user gen er ated alarm could be

N1001 #3000 = 118 (RADIUS TOO LARGE)

When en ter ing a com ment or a mes sage from the con trol key board, look for two char ac ters

The con trol-out char ac ter ‘(‘ and the con trol-in char ac ter ‘)’ must be avail able on the key board


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 17

Not all Fanuc mod els have these char ac ters on the keyboard For ex am ple, some ear lier types

of Fanuc 16 do not have the two char ac ters on the key board, but do have it avail able as a softkey

se lec tion If the con trol sys tems al lows mes sages of any kind to be used, it may be con ve nient to

type them (with the rest of the pro gram) on an ex ter nal com puter, and load them via a ca ble from

the com puter to the CNC unit

Abbreviations of Macro Functions

Many macro func tions are spe cial Angle Punching words (called func tions) of more than two or three char ac –

ters Dur

ing a key

board in

put of these char


ters, ex

tra time is needed to en

ter the whole

multi-character words, of ten with the fre quent use of the Shift key Fanuc of fers a two-character

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