The use of precision punch machine in the process will have the waste how to do it

Precision machinery and equipment used in the process of how the waste will have to do it Precision machinery and equipment in the process of waste will be how to do it Precision punching press because of its high precision structural fabrication, high utilization of materials angle iron drill, high production efficiency, easy to automate, the manufacturing industry to use the most punching equipment. Precision punch mainly by the upper and lower mold base and installed in the upper and lower mold base of the mold structure, the upper and lower die seat connected through the guide column, the upper and lower blocks along the column by moving up and down to achieve stamping and mold. But the actual use of precision presses, as the material stamping deformation, there will be debris generated, will affect the next process – forming the quality of stamping, to the next process to bring unnecessary trouble, will also affect the final product Surface accuracy and mold life, reduce material utilization. The air blowing device can effectively clean the punch mold, the structure is simple, the efficiency is high, and the surface precision of the finished product can be improved effectively.

The precision air injection device consists of two air pipes, which are installed on the lower surface of the upper mold base and on both sides of the mold on the upper mold base. The gas pipe has a jet section which is arranged along the front and back direction of the upper mold seat of the punching machine and is provided with a plurality of gas pipes downwardly on the jet section hydraulic punching machine, the upper end of the gas pipe is communicated with the gas jet section of the gas transmission pipe, And a nozzle is arranged at the lower end of the jet pipe, and the air nozzle is inclined in the direction of the mold bore of the lower mold.

Precision punch air blow device in the process of moving the material to the surface of the material blowing; out of the material can be carried out after the mold chamber hair; this mold can better die and the surface of the material to be cleaned in order to achieve The mold cavity and the surface of the waste material to remove, thereby improving the quality of finished products stamping and surface accuracy. In order to make the air blown better, the angle of the jet nozzles at the lower ends of the two adjacent nozzles of the precision punch presses are different, so that the mold cavity of the die holder on the die punch of the punch press can be blown at many angles, so as to further ensure the stamping of the finished products. Forming accuracy, mention the finished product quality.

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