what are CNC punch press maintenance techniques?

In addition to a reasonable mold structure, the use of years of numerical control die punching, high precision manufacturing, heat treatment and the correct choice of punch press mold installation accuracy of the influencing factors, the effect is good, the correct use and maintenance molds can not be ignored The following points:

(1) mold installation should be strictly checked before use to remove dirt, guide sleeve, mold check whether the lubrication is good.

(2) regularly on the punch turret and check the mold installation base, to ensure that the upper and lower turntable coaxial accuracy.

(3) Install the program according to the mold will die and punch on the turntable and to ensure that the same direction of the die, especially with the (non-circular and square) mode must work hard to prevent wrong loading, anti-installed.

(4) mold installation, should check the fastening screw mold mounting base locking.

Punch and die cutting (5) punch die edge wear should stop using, and timely grinding, or Henan punch will quickly expand the mold edge wear, accelerated wear, reduce the quality of punch and die life.

For mass production (6), the general use of molds should be backed up with rotating production to ensure the production required.

(7) News personnel to install the mold should use soft metal (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) operating tools to prevent the knocking of the installation process, hit the mold damage.

In the course of transportation to gently handle, dead (8), shall not touch the blade and guide to avoid damage to the mold.

(9) mold should be returned to the designated location after use, and oil rust treatment.

(10) to ensure that the service life of mold, mold spring should also be replaced regularly to prevent damage to the use of spring fatigue mold.

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